Road Wizard 11/8/19

Topics:  Roundabouts at Linder & Amity and Lake Hazel & Columbia; turning lane to nowhere on S. Cloverdale; leftover sign on Linder


Dear Road Wizard:  With all of the construction on South Linder Road, it seems as though it might be a good time for roundabouts at Linder Road and Amity Road, and Lake Hazel Road and Columbia Road since there are currently no structures right on those corners and with the new high school set to open next year. Any plans for that? David

 According to the most recently adopted version of ACHD’s Integrated Five Year Work Plan, there are no immediate plans for roundabouts along the Linder corridor south of Interstate 84. However, there are several projects planned one mile to the west along the Ten Mile Road corridor.

Planned roundabouts include the intersections of Ten Mile/Amity (2021 construction) and Ten Mile/Lake Hazel (2023 construction). Roundabout will also be built at the intersections of Ten Mile/Columbia and Ten Mile/Hubbard. They are both just outside the five-year construction window but have design and right-of-way funds dedicated within the five-year window.

With the Interstate 84 interchange to the north, Ten Mile is the immediate priority to help accommodate the growing Kuna region.


Dear Road Wizard:  What is the story of the turning lane to nowhere on South Cloverdale between Bott Lane and Reutzel? David

 My crystal ball tells me there are plans for additional work next spring to place more asphalt to the north and south in order to create a usable center turn lane for both streets.

This year, crews are simply out of time as the temperatures continue to drop and asphalt becomes harder to come by due to lower overall demand. Temperatures must be optimal for crews to successfully work with asphalt. If it is too cold, the pavement will cool too fast and it will not set up correctly.


Dear Road Wizard: There appears to be a leftover sign on northbound Linder Road from before the road was widened to two lanes. It is just in front of Rocky Mountain High School and could be confusing to motorists. Please investigate this! Roberto

Thank you for letting me know! I have sent your concern over to the ACHD Traffic Department and they will remove the no-longer-needed sign.

For all of my wizard readers, if you see things around the community that seem out of place or don’t quite fit, please send an email to and we can address your concerns. Thank you, loyal readers!