Road Wizard 1/3/2020

Topics: Falling leaves

Dear Road Wizard: Now that the “Road Wizard" has disappeared from the Statesman, on the off-chance that any Boise newcomers are reading the ACHD “News Blog” or visiting your Web site, could we get a helpful reminder about the importance of keeping storm drains and street gutters unclogged of leaves during winter?  We have so many newcomers to Boise in our neighborhood.  They look at me like I’m crazy when I sweep, or blow leaves out of the storm drains on our block.  I remind them of “Snowmageddon” three winters back.  Never heard of it! Thank you, David

Thank you, dear reader. Yes, it is very important for everyone to help keep storm drains clear of leaves and other debris. Here is a Road Wizard response from November 1, 2019:

“The sweepers at ACHD do sweep up some leaves but are not meant to collect all of them. Property owners are responsible to help with this matter so that sweepers are not overloaded. It is also especially important that leaves not be blown into the streets because they will easily clog the storm drains. Clogged storm drains will result in flooding and potential property damage. Flooding can also cause additional wear and tear on roads. Newer roads that have recently been sealed are less likely to be affected by flooding, which is good, although newer roads are usually associated with areas that have smaller trees, thus less leaves. Older roads however are much more effected by flooding because water then settles into the cracks at the base and cause erosion. These older roads are in places like the North End, where they have very large trees with a lot of leaves. So, the property owner collecting these leaves is doing the entire neighborhood a great service.”

Leaf collection programs and sites are available during the peak of the fall season and should be utilized by residents. ACHD also produced an informative video about leaves and storm drains. It can be enjoyed at this link:

More storm drain information:


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