Road Wizard 01/31/2020

Topics: Street Sweepers, Adopt-A-Highway


Dear Road Wizard: I was happy to see street sweepers coming down our roads, but then, because it was trash pickup day, I noticed they were having to drive around the cans, sometimes missing significant sections of gutters. Why aren’t trash pickup days considered when planning street sweeper routes? Thanks, Bob


ACHD crews do take trash collection days into account when making their sweeping schedule however there are several other factors that can come into play. Sometimes citizens request sweeping of a specific area and the operator sweeps more than that area as a courtesy even if it is a trash collection day. This also happens when ACHD receives reports of broken glass within the roadway, a large portion of the roadway will be swept as a precaution regardless of trash collection schedule.

Another factor to consider is that local companies or organizations will hire an external sweeping company that is not ACHD for street sweeping. In that case, ACHD does not know when the street is cleaned. It is also possible that the trash collection schedule gets modified without ACHDs knowledge and they sweep the street on a day they had not planned for trash collection.

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Dear Road Wizard: My company is interested in the Adopt-A-Highway program. What’s the best way to go about this? Thanks, Nicole

ACHD's Adopt-A-Highway program allows various groups to "adopt" a section of roadway to help keep it free of garbage and debris. ACHD provides the group with safety vests, garbage bags, and temporary warning signs. The bags will be collected by ACHD at the end of the cleaning day.

It is a two-year commitment, and within that time frame the group must clean the area twice per a year. If your group would like to volunteer, applications can be found at this link:


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