ACHD working to develop Neighborhood Plan in Kuna, South Meridian

The Ada County Highway District is working to develop a plan to help improve walking and bicycling routes in Kuna and South Meridian. 

Each year, ACHD develops a Neighborhood Plan for different areas throughout the county. The Neighborhood Plan is a planning tool developed to identify community priorities for future bicycle and pedestrian projects within a specific planning area. 

As part of this, ACHD works directly with the public to establish priorities. This is an opportunity for the public to engage with ACHD to share their thoughts and give feedback on the pedestrian and bicycle needs in their area and provide recommendations for future projects. 

The projects identified in these plans promote safe, effective and convenient walking and biking facilities for residents and visitors. 

The current Neighborhood Plans are the first iteration of this planning effort. The goal is to create a neighborhood plan for every area within Ada County.