ACHD upgrades traffic signals to make left turns safer for pedestrians, drivers

The Ada County Highway District is continuing to successfully roll out new software and controller upgrades to traffic signals with flashing yellow arrows.

So far, 55 traffic signals in Ada County have received these upgrades. The software is designed to help eliminate the conflict that can occur between vehicles turning on a flashing yellow arrow and pedestrians trying to cross the road.

With these upgrades, when a pedestrian push button is activated, vehicles will not get a flashing yellow turn arrow while the pedestrians have the signal to cross.

ACHD first started making these upgrades in June 2019. Since then, ACHD has spent time acquiring new signal controllers and updating them with the latest software, updating our current software, and getting a conversion tool for converting signal timing databases from the old controller to the new controller. 

By the end of September 2020, approximately 220 traffic signals in Ada County will have received these upgrades.