ACHD installs jersey barriers to bike lane, improves safety

The Ada County Highway District recently added jersey barriers to a set of bike lanes near the Connector in order to improve safety.

These new enhancements provide a physical barrier for the bike lanes that are on the Main Street bridge between Whitewater Park Boulevard and Garden Street just west of downtown Boise.

Prior to these upgrades, this was a two-way bike lane with a painted buffer. In early June, ACHD began a maintenance project on the bridge that gave the District the opportunity to review the current bike lane design. After that review and working in cooperation with ACHD’s Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC), the District decided to make the additional upgrades to improve the safety and comfort for cyclists crossing the bridge.

The BAC, a group of area cyclists that advise the District about road designs and maintenance needs specific to cyclists, thanked ACHD for the collaboration and the new safety upgrades. This is a great example of how ACHD Staff and advisory committees partner to make sure the infrastructure throughout the county serves all road users.