ACHD implementing traffic signal upgrades making left turns safer

Since June, the Ada County Highway District has been rolling out new software and controller upgrades to traffic signals with flashing yellow arrows.

Photograph of crosswalk button at corner.

The software is designed to help eliminate the conflict that can occur between vehicles turning on a flashing yellow arrow and pedestrians trying to cross the road.

With these upgrades, when a pedestrian push button is activated, vehicles will not get a flashing yellow turn arrow while the pedestrians have the signal to cross.

There are about 200 intersections in Ada County that will be upgraded. The upgrades began on June 25th, 2019. So far, ten intersections in Ada County have the RedB4Ped software enabled.

  • Adams & Veteran’s Memorial Parkway
  • Parkcenter & River Run
  • Parkcenter & Pennsylvania
  • Parkcenter & Law
  • Parkcenter & Bown
  • Eagle & State
  • Eagle & Floating Feather
  • Curtis & Franklin
  • State & Arthur
  • State & Dewey

Why only ten since late June? There are a lot of moving parts here. First, is getting the RedB4Ped software. This requires having the latest signal controllers so the software will work. Each of these costs a little more than $4,000. ACHD just sent off the purchase order for these new controllers. It will take about four months for those to get here. Second, ACHD engineers will have to develop a signal timing plan that goes into the controller, which is different for every intersection. That plan is tested in the shop then it goes into the field where it’s closely monitored and tweaked.

Safety is ACHD’s top priority, and the district is excited to bring this relatively new technology to Ada County to make the roads even safer.

ACHD’s goal is to have all the intersections upgraded by September 2020.