ACHD Commuteride has another highly successful year

ACHD’s Commuteride released its annual report for 2019 which shows the alternative transportation agency had another highly successful year.

Commuteride strives to make the Treasure Valley a better place to live by providing commute options that reduce traffic congestion and wear and tear on roadways.

In 2019, Commuteride took 13.2 million miles off the roads through various smart commutes. Smart commutes include biking, walking, carpooling, taking public transit or vanpooling.

One of the reasons that was possible was because of the Commuteride team’s efforts in establishing extensive partnerships throughout the valley. Those partnerships were made possible through various programs like Commuteride Works, Club Red and Share the Ride Idaho.

Commuteride Works is a program designed to support local employers to create and implement a commute benfits program to encourage their employees to practice smart commmuting. In 2019, ACHD Commuteride helped more than 200 businesses through this initiative.

One of Commuteride’s most succesful and well-known programs is the Club Red Vanpool service. Club Red Vanpools reduced more than 11 million vehicle miles traveled on roadways in the Treasure Valley and reduced more than 8,400 tons of CO2 in 2019. 

ACHD Commuteride also managed to promote the Treasure Valley’s ride share platform while simultaneously working to develop a new website and mobile app to replace it in January 2020.

The extensive partnerships and reduction in vehicle miles travelled on roadways are just a small part of all Commuteride accomplished in 2019. You can read Commuteride’s full 2019 Annual Report here.