ACHD Bridge Crew assists injured cyclist

Three members of ACHD’s Cloverdale Bridge crew are being heralded for their fast thinking and actions during a recent bicycle accident in a construction zone.

On the morning of July 23rd, Flynn Skinner, Josh Sittser, and Jason Lanphere were repairing a guard rail on the west side of Orchard Street south of Chinden Boulevard when a woman on a bicycle rode through their coned-off area. The cyclist was riding downhill at a high rate of speed when she lost control, skidded, and hit the inside curb. The cyclist lost consciousness for a short time.

Skinner, Sittser and Lanphere raced to her aid, contacted emergency services immediately, and provided assistance to the woman until the ambulance arrived.

The three crew members efforts were acknowledged during the ACHD Commission’s weekly meeting yesterday.

“Their support clearly underscores their commitment to excellence in all that we do and our unwavering care of the public,” said ACHD Commission President Mary May.