Safe operations pays off for the Ada County Highway District

The Ada County Highway District’s focus on safe operations continues to pay off. This year’s ACHD worker’s compensation renewal premium was the lowest it has been in 17 years. Premiums are based on many factors including a business’s risk and safety characteristics. ACHD received reductions of ten to 20 percent in multiple areas. Additionally, the agency continues to keep a low loss ratio, and the experience rating or MOD was the lowest it has been since 1997—a low 0.63. Anything below 1.00 is considered very good. As a result of the high safety standing, the agency received a dividend check for $8,668 from worker’s compensation.

“This was due in part to our safety program including safety training and loss control procedures, as well as the bottom line dollars and over experience rating,” said ACHD Safety and Training Program Coordinator Dean Cooper. “I want thank everyone at the District for their commitment to safety.”

The accident experience rating is on a three-year rotating review.