Instructions for calling in to next week’s ACHD Commission meeting

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the Ada County Highway District has taken many measures to protect ACHD staff as well as the public. Governor Little has also recently issued a proclamation expressing the importance of public agencies remaining transparent, but in the name of safety for everyone, encouraging the public to participate in public meetings using telecommunications.

Next week’s ACHD Commission meeting will be live-streamed and members of the public are encouraged to call in with questions or concerns for the Commissioners using Zoom. You can use a browser or download the Zoom app on your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Toll-free phone numbers:



Meeting ID:  2440272215

Meeting URL link:

Mobile link:  8884754499,,2440272215 The ACHD Commissioners will also be calling in to participate in the meeting. Please note that the public hearing which was scheduled as part of Wednesday night’s meeting will be postponed for the time being. Seating in the auditorium is limited to ten people in accordance with Governor Little’s recommendation to avoid groups of ten people or more.