Commissioner Pickering rides along with ACHD’s broom crew

Last week, Commissioner Pickering had the opportunity to join ACHD employee, Tom Mercer, for a ride-along on one of our 27 sweepers. These sweepers are used in Street Sweeping Operations in an effort to keep storm drains and gutters clear of debris. Sweeping is crucial to manage stormwater runoff and prevent localized flooding, reduce pollutants from entering the stormwater system, and help maintain good air quality and beautiful streets.

Photo of Commissioner Pickering and Tom Mercer at broom truck
Photo of Commissioner Pickering looking at broom truck

Crews swept 45,158 lane miles throughout Ada County last year, collecting 33,493 cubic yards of debris from local streets and gutters. Our 26 Operators run on a schedule that is driven by the EPA requirements we must meet as an agency. Ada County is divided into nine sweeping zones consisting of 228 maintenance areas for sweeping operations. Check out the ACHD website for a weekly schedule to see when we’ll be in your neighborhood.

You will recognize a few of ACHD’s sweepers by the artwork they proudly display on each side. The colorful, and educational, pieces were commissioned as part of an art contest in 2016 where local students ranging from grades 6-12 were challenged to create artwork to bring awareness to stormwater runoff, and more specifically that what goes down the drain goes into our streams and river. Of many impressive entries, five talented students were selected and their artwork has since been a welcomed addition to the fleet of sweeper trucks.

Photo of artwork on sweeper trucks

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we will add even more artwork to our fleet. Stay tuned for more information!