ACHD to return to Phase 3

In accordance with the Central District Health’s public health order yesterday to return to Phase 3 of reopening in Ada County, the Ada County Highway District will also carefully and conscientiously return to Phase 3.

Staff members who were working from home during Phase 3 earlier this spring will return to working from home. Those who had returned to work during or prior to Phase 3 will remain working from the office.

Staff members and guests will continue to be required to wear face masks in public. Social distancing will also continue to be maintained both in the office and out in the field. Staff members have been given proper supplies of PPEs, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes. Sick staff members are required to stay home. Staff members who have a family member at home who is waiting for COVID-19 tests results will also be required to stay home.

The ACHD Auditorium remains closed to public meetings including Commission meetings, all of which will continue to be held virtually. Other meetings, both internal and external, will continue to be conducted virtually as well.

The Ada County Highway District will continue to closely monitor and adhere to the health orders and recommendations of both Governor Little, Central District Health, and the CDC.