ACHD reprograms school zone flashers near schools providing meals

The Ada County Highway District is working to reprogram school zone flashers starting with the ones near schools serving free meals to kids. 

The flashers will be set to begin flashing 15 minutes before the anticipated arrival of the meal delivery and will remain flashing for 30 minutes after the last meal is scheduled to be served.  That should cover anyone arriving early and staying late. 

School zone flashers that will be adjusted will be near the following schools:  

  • Boise Schools
    • Garfield Elementary  
    • Morley Nelson Elementary
    • Taft Elementary
    • Whitney Elementary 
    • Whittier Elementary
    • Horizon Elementary 
    • Jefferson Elementary 
    • Koelsch Elementary
  • West Ada Schools
    • Meridian Middle 
    • Lewis and Clark Middle 
    • Chief Joseph School 
    • Spalding Elementary 
    • Ustick Elementary 
    • Desert Sage 
    • Peregrine Elementary
    • Barbara Morgan Elementary 
    • Mary McPherson Chaparral Elementary 
    • Meridian High School
    • Centennial High School
  • Kuna Schools
    • Ross Elementary 
    • Reed Elementary 
    • Kuna High School 

This is not a matter of just leaving the flashers on. The hours for the meals do not coincide with the normal school hours, so each flasher had to be reprogrammed in the field. 

Meanwhile, school zone flashers near schools that are not providing meals will be shut off until schools resumes.