ACHD buildings closed to public

All Ada County Highway District buildings and facilities will be closed to the public beginning tomorrow.  

This is part of ACHD’s continued effort to help curb the spread of COVID-19 and to protect staff and employees from the virus. 

While buildings will be closed to the public, ACHD operations will continue. We have reduced all operations to what is crucial. Essential ACHD employees will be working from ACHD facilities and all nonessential employees are working from home. During this time, ACHD is encouraging electronic communications. ACHD staff can still be reached by phone and email.  

At this point, ACHD’s Commuteride operations are continuing. Vans will now be cleaned and disinfected at a more aggressive rate. The standby fleet will also be cleaned, disinfected and be readily available for replacements. If a rider is found to have been affected and or been associated with another that has either been affected or quarantined, ACHD will direct all riders to consider self-quarantine and remove the van and van route from service for 14 days to be cleaned and disinfected.  

Again, this is all for ACHD and customer safety in line with the Governor’s recommendations, and provides ACHD the opportunity to continue business operations. 

Find up to date information about the coronavirus here.