Dear Road Wizard:  The intersection of southbound Locust Grove Road and Summerheights Drive is often blocked by traffic backed up by the signal at Ustick Road. Could a no stopping zone be placed there? Ed

Dear Reader, without a more specific time frame, it is difficult for a traffic engineer to determine where to direct resources for your complaint. Summerheights Drive is about 600 feet from the Ustick Road intersection, so it is entirely plausible that traffic backs up, particularly during the PM peak.

There is also the potential that traffic avoiding the construction on Meridian Road has made their way over to Locust Grove Road, increasing the amount of traffic and subsequently the wait times.

For all my readers, when sending in a question, please provide as much detail as possible—especially the time of day you are experiencing an issue. Traffic engineers are themselves pretty wizardly, but they are far from being a psychic.

ACHD COVID-19 Update

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